Biden’s Sneaky H.R. 5376 Is A Nightmare For 401(k) And IRA Savers

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Hi, Dr. Ron Paul here.

Biden just made the lives of American retirement savers much harder.

And the mainstream media is ignoring this story!

Here’s what happened: 

Joe Biden couldn’t get his “Build Back Better” bill passed last year because 
everyone knew it would cause more inflation. So he stubbornly pushed it through Washington in “H.R. 5376”.

Without a doubt, this sneaky move confirms what I’ve always believed:

  • The odds that our government will stop printing dollars, until they're worthless, is slim.
  • Anyone whose financial future relies on a sane, responsible government or a functional economy should consider smarter options, TODAY!

So is there something you can do?

YES! Physical gold offers an opportunity to escape wealth confiscation. And the best way to protect your savings with gold is through a PHYSICAL GOLD IRA.

Why? Because:

1. You avoid taxation just like with any other retirement account.

2. The gold is in PHYSICAL form. Which means its value cannot be easily manipulated or leveraged.

3. You won’t pay a DIME in penalties or taxes when you transfer any portion of your savings into a Gold IRA.

This is the perfect scenario if you are approaching or are already in retirement.

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