The Largest Bank Run In American History
Is This The Start Of The Collapse?

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What caused the sudden failure of America’s 16th largest lender, Silicon Valley Bank?

The most severe bank run in American history!

Customers took $42 billion from their accounts in ONE DAY. That's $4.2 billion per hour for ten hours.

The previous largest bank run happened at Washington Mutual bank in 2008. That one totaled only $16.7 billion over 10 days.

So it’s understandable that there is panic and desperation in the air. Especially since this contagion seems to be spreading far beyond California!

In the three days after the collapse of SVB we saw:

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  • Regulators closed New York’s Signature Bank.

  • First Republic seized by regulators, replacing SVB as the U.S.'s second-largest bank failure just a few weeks later.

  • A new “Bank Term Funding Program” to bail out banks.

  • Regional banks lost billions in deposits – this happened AFTER the Fed’s new funding program was created.

  • Some SVB customers reported not being able to wire funds out of their accounts.

This list is almost guaranteed to keep growing. So you need to take action before you and your family are personally affected.

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