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Gold and silver offer you protection from the biggest threats facing your money...

#1 Another Market Collapse. With indexes hitting record highs, warnings about the next market crash grow louder.

#2 The Death of the Dollar. The dollar has been in steep decline for decades, but its free-fall has kicked into overdrive thanks to skyrocketing government debt, the Fed’s free money policy, and increased competition from world currencies.

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#3 Looming Inflation. After years of printing money and keeping interest rates at record lows, the Fed wants you to believe inflation isn't a problem. Anyone who has been to the grocery store or gas station lately would beg to differ.

It's impossible to know which one of these calamities will strike first, but you can protect yourself from all three using a little-known "loophole" in IRS code allows you to back your IRA or 401(k) with gold and silver.

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