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==> Here's the legal way to get out of the dollar and into gold
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Why is China Hoarding all the Gold?

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Leaked WikiLeaks Cable Reveals:

Dear Reader,

It began with a leaked WikiLeaks cable:

"China's increased gold reserves will act as a model and lead other countries towards reserving more gold."

And with that, China doubled down on its two-pronged plan:

1. Get more gold – a lot more gold.
2. Get out of the U.S. Dollar.

You see, China owns billions of dollars of U.S. debt. But these days, as the economically illiterate bureaucrats at our Federal Reserve drive the value of our currency into the toilet, China knows it's vulnerable to the dollar's demise.

If your savings are also vulnerable to the dollar:

We want to share how you too can hoard gold — even to protect an existing IRA or 401(k). It's all thanks to a little-known (but legal) "loophole" in IRS Code.

© Copyright by Birch Gold Group. All rights reserved.